"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up."

Arthur Koestler 


The True Cost of Living

While I think that these kind of calculations overstate inflation, it seems obvious that the cost of living is growing much higer than is admitted. Admitting it would help bankrupt Social Security. 


I have discussed the inflation rate before. 



Why Japan Is Doomed! 


Happy Birthday Captain Kirk


Calling the Kettle Black

There is always a certain level of unintentional humor in the words of politicians. Clinton recently criticized Trump because there was violence at his events. I decided to post an interview with this 27 year veteran of the CIA who was roughed up at a Clinton speech a few years ago. He politely turned his chair away from Clinton in silent protest. For more on this story, click here

The interview discusses the interesting hypothesis that the reason for the NSA spying is to provide good blackmail information. Security is not the real reason for it. 

The interview also references torture: Trump's advocacy of torture is just another reason that voting for him is contradictory to a lot of the things I value. 



Pepsi vs. Coke

Since I have been traveling this week, I have not had time for a health blog post. Today I thought I would compare Pepsi and Coke. They taste almost identical. Years ago a friend and my secretary had an ongoing argument. She used Coke, and said it tasted better. He drank Pepsi, and actually worked for a local distributor. Since she left her Coke in my refrigerator, my friend took out the Coke from her bottle and replaced it with Pepsi. She said nothing. She later claimed that she had noticed a difference. It is said that Pepsi is sweeter than Coke. (To me Diet Coke tastes better and sweeter compared to Diet Pepsi. I try to avoid both, and except while traveling, I do so.) 

So when Coke changed its formula years ago to New Coke they made it a little sweeter. The chaos that ensued was fun to watch. "It's not really Coke," it was said. It was the greatest marketing fiasco of the 20th century. Coke switched back to its original formula. (Hint, it's the vanilla.) 

I could not help thinking about the "Cola Wars" looking at the current presidential race. "Jeb is not really a Republican." "Trump is not really a conservative." It seems to me that this is like comparing Coke with caffeine-free Coke.  Sure, they are different and choosing one might, based on the time of day, be slightly important, but ultimately its still a cola. (In this analogy, Trump is definitely not caffeine-free.) 

In the fall elections you will have the choice between Pepsi and Coke. They taste almost identical and both are toxic, just like cola. There is another choice. Don't choose any cola, not even RC.