Trump Apologist? 
Friday, November 16, 2018 at 4:20PM
[Positive Dennis] in Propaganda

I know a large number of people think I am a Trump apologist. Except for Immigration and Tariffs I am in profound disagreement with him. Even on this two issues his application of policies on these two issues has been borderline moronic. While only 15% of it was caused by ill designed tax cuts, we have trillion dollar deficits as far as the eye can see. While most of the proposed defense increases are really smoke and mirrors, Trump is wasting hundreds of billions on defense that we don’t need. 

If I can regain my composure, I may blog about the latest US vote in the UN. The US voted against a resolution condemning fascism. Also voting against were Palau, population 21,000, and Ukraine, where an important part of the current government is fascist. There were a number of abstentions because it was known how the US would vote. It is embarrassing.

Yet, if I decide to vote in 2020, it is likely I will vote for Trump. I am a stranger in a strange land. Things are now accepted as commonplace would have been regarded as clinical insanity just a few years ago. Here is an example of “entertainment” that we are offered as normal. From the show Madame Secretary: 

Nationalism is not racism. 


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