"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up."

Arthur Koestler 


America's Most Honest Holiday

Black Friday is America's most honest holiday. Think about. This holiday shows we really think that by getting the best stuff at the cheapest price after pretending to be thankful the day before, camping out Best Buy, entering the contest at Old Navy for to win a chance $1 million--that's what America is all about.

Every culture has its own myths. Where myths come in handy is holidays like this one. One can be thankful one was not a Native American. Looking at that history, I guess you should be thankful for that if nothing else.

This might be a good time to revisit the low rent side of American history. You know, those parts of history class you did not pay attention to. If you want to remember what it cost for you to have all the stuff you have, hey, the stuff I have too, look at Pam Dewey's site. 

I am so glad I finished my holiday shopping, but then again I've been finished since 1982. I'm not necessarily suggesting you skip this holiday season. But I do suggest that this season should make sense for you and your family--economically and religiously. If a typical holiday is about stuff--I say stuff it.


Hitler Finds Out About Obamacare Exchange Problems

While the Hitler commenting on current events meme is on its last legs. I thought this was one of the better ones. 


Classic Carol Burnett


That Would Be Quite A Memorial 

I am usually not particularly interested in what Oliver Stone has to say, but this was of interest:

The Vietnam Memorial Wall in D.C. contains the names of 58,272 Americans who died in the war. Its message is that the tragedy of that wretched war was that 58,000 Americans died. The wall is 146 feet long. Imagine a wall that also contained the names of all the Vietnamese, Cambodians, Laotians, and others who died. Such a wall would be over 4 miles long.

For this curious that is 8.5 million. 

Most estimates I have seen are around 5 million. So that would be 2 1/3 miles. It would be quite a memorial.


Empress Theodora