"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up."

Arthur Koestler 


King Corn

We need to change the way we to food. Yes, that means prices will go up. But it also means that the quality of the food we eat will go up as well. This documentary explores these issues without a heavy hand. 


So Far, So Good

As near as I can tell the negative trends for the US economic future outweigh the positive trends. One friend on Facebook commented on my theories and suggested that yes, there is a business cycle and a recession can obviously be expected.  This reminds me of two jokes. The first is that Pundit Smith did predict the last recession, but then again he predicted 5 of the last 3 recessions. I resemble this. But then there is the other joke. A man jumped off the Empire State Building and was heard to say half-way down..."So far, so good." 

Yes, so far things are good. But I see the ground rapidly approaching. This is not a normal business cycle recession, it is a once in a century event worse than the really bad event in 2008. I do not expect that US dominance will end in this next crisis, but the US dominance will be mortally wounded. 

Here are the positive and negative trends as I see them. 

Positive Trends

1. Things are bad in Japan.

2. Things are marginal in China.

3. Things are mixed in Europe.

4. The US dollar is still King.

5. The US military is the strongest.

Negative Trends

1. Interest rates are at low rates; this cannot last.

2. Corporate profits are at high rates; this cannot last.

3. The US budget deficit continues with no solution in sight. 

4. Medicare is not sustainable.

5. The US military is the strongest. 


Over the next week or so, interspersed with my normal eclectic posts, I will blog on some of these issues. 


Violin, Yes A Violin


A Mellow Sarah Brighman

Even after watching this I still like Sarah Brightman. 


America's Most Honest Holiday

Black Friday is America's most honest holiday. Think about. This holiday shows we really think that by getting the best stuff at the cheapest price after pretending to be thankful the day before, camping out Best Buy, entering the contest at Old Navy for to win a chance $1 million--that's what America is all about.

Every culture has its own myths. Where myths come in handy is holidays like this one. One can be thankful one was not a Native American. Looking at that history, I guess you should be thankful for that if nothing else.

This might be a good time to revisit the low rent side of American history. You know, those parts of history class you did not pay attention to. If you want to remember what it cost for you to have all the stuff you have, hey, the stuff I have too, look at Pam Dewey's site. 

I am so glad I finished my holiday shopping, but then again I've been finished since 1982. I'm not necessarily suggesting you skip this holiday season. But I do suggest that this season should make sense for you and your family--economically and religiously. If a typical holiday is about stuff--I say stuff it.