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Arthur Koestler 

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Russia Could Be a Partner

The Washington Times had an interesting opinion piece entitled: What Is Best for America - Russia as a Friend or a Foe?  

Here is a quote from that article:

Let’s put this into a not-so-distant historical perspective. For the past 30 years, under Mikhail Gorbachev, Boris Yeltsin, Vladimir Putin, Dmitri Medvedev, and Putin again, the Russians have been knocking on Washington’s door asking to be accepted as a friend and ally, only to be constantly rebuffed. For voluntarily dismantling the Soviet empire, throwing communist ideology out the window, liberating the captive nations, helping to defeat the Taliban, and doing their share in the war on terror they got in return the abrogation of the ABM treaty, “regime change” and “color revolutions” in the neighboring countries, bombing Serbia, vicious media demonization, an avalanche of sanctions, emplacement of “defensive” missiles in Eastern Europe, and successive rounds of NATO expansion (“RUSSIA WANTS WAR! Look how close they put their country to our military bases!”)

While I agree with this quote, I wonder who selected the title of the piece. It seems unlikely that Russia and America will ever be friends. When asked about this Putin said he was not a friend, that he was president of the Russian Federation, and it was his job to represent the interests of those 146 million people. 

No, friendship should not be the goal, Instead each country should focus on their own national interests and help each other when those interests overlap. 

I don't think anyone knows how big the overlap of American and Russian interests is. It might be quite large. But in any event Russia, and really no country, wants friends. They want partners that will focus on areas of mutual interest. That is why Russia constantly refers to the West as partners not friends.

Should Trump pursue a partnership with Russia? Absolutely. This is one reason Trump is so reviled. The Military Industrial Complex does not want a partnership. Neither does the CIA. They want hegemony. 


Why Many Voted for Trump

Why did so many vote for Trump? One reason was a strong disapproval of the US foreign policy of the last 24 years—a foreign policy drifting toward war with Russia. 

But didn't Russia want War? 

The swamp creatures scream that “the Russians brought it on themselves with their aggressive actions! What about Ukraine! Syria!”

Nonsense. The drive to make Russia’s security situation untenable started almost as soon as the Warsaw Pact was dissolved and the Soviet Union disbanded. What’s different is that Russia is now strong enough to push back. Ukraine – what would we do if Russia, or China, embraced the overthrow of a U.S.-friendly elected government in, say, Mexico, and sought to pull that country into an anti-American alliance? Syria – why is it in America’s interest to help terror-supporting states like Saudi Arabia and Qatar to overthrow a secular (and pro-Christian) government and replace it with some jihad terror group like ISIS or al-Qaeda?

It seems to me that in terms of domestic policies Trump will not be able to fulfill his rhetoric. It sounds great, but is it actually doable? But in terms of foreign policy, Trump will avoid war, and I do not understand why those who are not a part of the military industrial complex would be unhappy about this. 


Did Russia Hack? 

There were three separate hacks of various Democrat and Clinton emails. I have actually read almost nothing about the most important of these, the hacking of Hillary Clinton's email account. I find this rather odd. 

The hacking of Podesta's email gets the second amount of press. Anyone whose password is p@ssw0rd, almost deserves to get hacked. There is actually some evidence that Russian nationals were involved. It is not strong, but it does exist. If I was a Russian government hacker, I would not use a Russian IP address. So the much admired Russian government hacking group was incompetent, or it was someone else wanting to implicate Russia. I am open to either argument. 

What recieves the most press is the hacking of the DNC. If you believe Wikileaks, this was not a hack. It was a leak from a disgruntled DNC employee who was a Sanders' supporter. When you read the unclassified portion of the report of this leak, there is no evidence about who did it. Most of the report is about Russian TV—RT, Russia Today. It refers to programs aired several years ago and claims that this is proof of Russian interference in the US election. Most nations have propaganda arms, the US version is the Voice of America

If what was being said was along the lines of: The Russians are logical suspects in these hackings, I would have no objections, they are logical suspects. As is China, Israel and a guy living in his parents basement typing away on his computer in his underwear. 

If you want to hear a security expert, whose salary does not depend on what he says, watch this video. 


Russian Hacking?

I thought this interview with a former CIA analyst might be of interest.



An Interesting Podcast